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Residents of the Mogilev region will go to the republican cleanup on April 17


Residents of the Mogilev region on April 17 will go to the republican subbotnik. They will work at their workplaces, participate in improvement works and restore historical and cultural values ​​to the proper condition, and restore order in the territories of settlements. The task was also set to prepare children's health and sports camps for the summer season.

In Mogilev, the main labor force will start work in the morning at a physical culture and sports complex under construction in the Fatina microdistrict. The leadership of the regional executive committee, part of the representatives of its structural divisions, the regional Council of Deputies will be involved here . Planned planting of trees, shrubs, landscaping. Also, large-scale work will take place at the memorial complex "Zemlyanka", in the Green Grove, on the right bank of the Dnieper River in the area of ​​Polykovichy Krynitsa, etc. In addition, enterprises and organizations will be engaged in putting in order the adjacent territories, communal workers will focus on cleaning courtyard areas, pruning trees and shrubs , planting flower beds, painting structures.

The leadership of the Mogilev City Executive Committee, deputies of the City Council will plant trees on Krupskaya Street in the area of ​​public transport stops on Kirov Street, and representatives of departments and departments will clean up the territory in the Pechersky Forest Park.

During the subbotnik , the youth of the region will actively work... So, in Mogilev on Pushkinskiy Avenue, not far from the city amusement park, the children will plant the Alley of Family Trees. In the agro-town Sidorovichi of the Mogilev region, the activists of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and concerned citizens will be engaged in the improvement of the memorial sign installed in honor of the soldiers, commanders and political workers of the free 747 rifle 493 artillery regiment of the 172nd rifle division under the command of G.I. Zlatoustovsky. In Mstislavl, activists of a public association will beautify the sign of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union on Mogilevskaya Street. In Krugly, the youth will be engaged in the improvement of the territory near the monument to the soldiers of the 222nd Infantry Smolensk-Brandenburg Red Banner Order of Suvorov Division. In the village of Novye Stayki, Shklovsky district, the guys will put in order a memorial sign "Dnieper frontier". And in Cherikov, activists will beautify the children's football ground. The youth of Glusk will take care of the playground on this day. The guys will restore the sandboxes and swings. For two days - April 16 and 17 - in the Klichevsky district, active youth will take part in the improvement of the memorial complexes "Usakino" and "Vyazen and Sialets". The regional action "Garden of Memory" will also take place here - the children will land commemorative alleys at the memorials.

Representatives of the trade union movement will also work throughout the region . During the republican subbotnik, they will equip military graves, memorial complexes and mass graves, bring objects and territories of settlements into proper condition. For example, specialists of the regional committee of the Belarusian trade union of workers of the agro-industrial complex will ennoble the memorial sign "Warrior and partisan" in the village of Nikolaevka-2, Mogilev region. Trade union workers also plan to plant more than 3 thousand tree seedlings on the territory of the Zakhodsky forestry of the Mogilev region, located about 30 km from the regional center. Materials for planting, young spruce and linden, will be provided by the Mogilev forestry enterprise.

The money earned on the clean-up day,including voluntary contributions of workers, including workers whose activities are not related to the production of products or works, the provision of paid services, are transferred to the accounts of city executive committees and district executive committees with subsequent transfer to the account of the Mogilev regional executive committee. Of the total amount, 50% of the funds will be directed to the Ministry of Health to strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions, including the purchase of equipment for the provision of planned and emergency medical care to the population, partial financing of the purchase of COVID-19 vaccine for the vaccination of residents of the region. The remaining 50% will be directed to repair, reconstruction, restoration, restoration of historical and cultural values, memorial complexes, places of military and military glory during the Great Patriotic War.

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Mogilev region administration