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Dear visitors and fellow countrymen!

We are pleased to welcome you on the official website of the Mogilev District Executive Committee!

There are many towns and villages with a history dating back for centuries, some are larger and more prominent. But we live here: in Mogilev Oblast’s most picturesque place — Mogilev District.

The history of Mogilev District has deep roots and great traditions that add to our responsibility to our forefathers and our contemporaries. Mogilev lands have seen combat and labor glory, long-standing historical, spiritual, and cultural traditions, in which heroic deeds of the past are interlinked with patriotism of the present.

Mogilev District has preserved quite a lot of testimonies to highlight the courage and bravery of our forefathers. Memory about them will last eternally in stone and granite.

When in Mogilev District, you are advised to visit the famous places of interest: the memorial complex Buinichi Field, a historical and architectural specimen — the chapel near the village of Saltanovka in memory of the Patriotic War of 1812, the wonderworking spring in Polykovichi, and other places.

Mogilev District residents have succeeded not only in battle but in labor, too. Our people are a treasure. People with desires and intentions, with inspired work. Our district prides itself on its residents, who have excelled in various spheres. Achievements have been secured in grain growing, animal husbandry, education and culture, civil engineering and services sphere, science and poetry, sport and community leading. The work of our residents makes the land more beautiful and comfortable every year.
We are united in the intention to live in a beautiful, modern, and trouble-free world. It means we have a common goal: a great past — a strong present — a fast tomorrow.

We are now working for the future. We venerate our national legacy, create a reliable social, economic, spiritual, and moral potential for our unparalleled native land.

Our district is a steadily and rapidly developing region with modern agriculture, production sector, social and cultural sphere that make a decent contribution to the Mogilev Oblast economy.

Mogilev District accounts for nearly 20% of Mogilev Oblast’s gross agricultural product.

The district offers all the conditions for private business and investments, the establishment of new enterprises.

We aim to further increase the manufacturing of competitive products, expand old markets and find new ones to sell various kinds of merchandise, improve the social wellbeing of the population, increase people’s satisfaction with healthcare, education, culture, sport, and support low-income families and the youth.

Welcome to the Mogilev land that will surprise you with liveliness and uniqueness.

We will be glad to get new friends and business partners!

Sincerely yours,
Chairman of the Mogilev District Executive Committee

Mogilev region administration