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Mogilev Regional Executive Committee
28 September 2022

Twists and turns of a woman's life: Born in a taiga village, accidentally settled in Belarus, taught the president and dreams of a gift for her 100th birthday

Teachers... They are like second parents to us. We remember them our entire life. Teachers hold a special role and place in our society, they are selfless and devoted, highly educated and intelligent. No matter how much has been said and written about teachers, everyone has their own perception of teachers. 

In the Year of Historical Memory, BelTA journalist Alina Grishkevich continues her journalistic project “Women's Destinies are the Destiny of United Belarus” with a story about a fascinating life journey of one Belarusian teacher. Tatiana Karpechenko, who will turn 100 in 2024, lives in the village of Alexandria and she is a gem of a teacher. For four years she was a class teacher of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko when he attended the Alexandria school. The life of this ordinary woman is so amazing that it deserves to be made into a film. Inter alia, she has four children, five grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren.


Tatiana Karpechenko was born in a taiga village in Vologda Oblast (her maternal family members stem from Shklov District). At the age of 18, during the Great Patriotic War, she began teaching in Arkhangelsk Oblast and decided to devote her whole life to teaching her favorite subject – mathematics. After a number of twists and turns she settled in her mother's homeland, Alexandria. Tatiana Karpechenko remembers the path to her ancestral village in greatest detail. She recalls unpredictable ups and downs of her life, life-changing encounters and the study of her famous student, unforgettable meetings with his mother, a simple village woman who passed on values and truths to her son.

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