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Mogilev Regional Executive Committee
1 November 2022

Sergeyenko: Belarus has never created problems for its neighbors or international community

Belarus has never created problems for its neighbors or the international community, Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko said as he met with labor collectives of Mogilev Oblast to brief them on ongoing military and political developments in Belarus and abroad, BelTA has learned.

"During the Great Patriotic War, we lost every third person and we know the price of a peaceful safe life. Since then, over the past almost 80 years, we have become accustomed to peace, prosperity and stability. Since Belarus gained independence, it has been living amid sanctions, double standards on the part of the West. Thanks to the unity of society, a strong vertical of power, the political course and competent policy of the head of state, we have learned to work in an ever changing internal and external environment," Igor Sergeyenko said addressing participants of the meeting.


The Belarusian state fully fulfills its obligations to meet the basic needs of the population, the head of the President Administration noted. Over the past years, the country has not allowed social stratification of society, ensured steady operation of enterprises and payment of decent wages, preserved labor collectives and ensured their continuity. "In the past and current years, we continued the construction of a dozen socially important facilities throughout the country. In November, more than 20 social facilities will be opened in all corners of our country, in all regions: sports centers, medical facilities, roads, bridges," he stressed. “All this is happening before your eyes in Mogilev too. It's just that sometimes we take it for granted. This is a serious investment, a serious contribution of your labor collectives to the development of the social sphere. All life support systems of the country fully meet our needs, which cannot be said about some countries that are engaged in the information war against us today. The most important thing is that in the context of sanctions, Belarus is ramping up the output of goods and services, increasing exports, expanding sales markets."


The head of the President Administration added that the situation is tense on the external borders of Belarus: there is an intensive militarization of NATO countries, an increase in military budgets of some countries, a rise of the armament market in the United States, NATO buildup near the Belarusian borders, in particular in Poland and the Baltic countries. Foreign states have increased clandestine intelligence activities on the territory of Belarus. As an example, he cited the detection and suppression by the Belarusian KGB of members of the Ukrainian intelligence service operating in Belarus. "There are forces that seek to organize a color revolution and armed provocation in our country. In 2020, it did not work. The only option left for them is sabotage, terrorist attacks and destabilization of the situation in our country. The West relies on self-exiled members of Belarusian opposition. Belarus and Russia are facing a true hybrid war, both in economy and media. They pour buckets of lies about us on the internet. Sometimes it is difficult, especially for young people, to comb your way through it. One of the goals of our meeting is to convey the objective information about what is happening both on the external contour and in our country," Igor Sergeyenko emphasized.


Another speaker at the meeting was Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin. He spoke in detail about the current military situation along the Belarusian borders. He said that the Belarusian army is ready to defend and defend the independence and sovereignty of the country, to ensure the safety of residents. The minister urged those present to think carefully and analyze any information coming from various sources. "We are ready to respond to possible threats from the West and NATO. In the emerging conditions and projected developments, the main task of the country's military-political leadership is to implement an effective policy to counter modern military threats," Viktor Khrenin emphasized.

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